Maggie Brown, A Truly Holistic Blog

Who Is Maggie Brown?

Maggie Brown, webmaster of “The Truly Holistic Blog” is an author, writer, poet, and psychic.  As a lecturer in Holistic Studies with a nursing background, she blogs on topics such as reflexology, aromatherapy and Indian therapy with the reverence and perspective of a Reiki master.

The Truly Holistic Blog,

The Truly Holistic Blog, is a bit overwhelming in that there is so much offered it is hard to decide where to go first. Whether you want to learn more about homeopathic health to quit smoking or control your diabetes or the art of reading tea leaves you will find it on this holistic blog.

wicca-300x275The post on “What is Wicca?” was enlightening to me. What I got is that Wicca is a recognized religion that is basically the “awe” of life.

It is a peaceful and harmonious way of life that promotes oneness with the world and creator.

Holistic Approach To Life

Maggie’s blog topics are all-encompassing in the holistic approach to life.

thumbs_up-300x299For example, I learned in the post “Mercury In Retrograde” that the planet Mercury which appears in the morning or early evening sky at times looks like it is going backwards. This optical illusion is called retrograde and the astrological phenomenon causes few issues here on earth. To avoid problems during this period it is good to:

  • Avoid signing legal documents.
  • Avoid closing big deals.
  • Avoid meetings that require big decisions.
  • Allow extra time while traveling.

It sounds kind of like Feng Shui to me! This type of holistic advice permeates the entire site. Anyone interested in living a healthy life without drugs would benefit from visiting “The Truly Holistic Blog“.

We give Maggie Brown’s blog a thumbs UP!!


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